We Are TPS

How might a branding studio re-brand itself? We Are TPS is an introductory project for a changing design studio—one that is focused on learning, evolving, and discovering a collective vision.


Through collaborating with the team, we discovered the goal for The Public Society was to truly have a studio that represented a public. From this insight, we decided to create a video to discover people's thoughts from the questions that TPS was embracing as a studio. How does a practice become more collaborative? How do you learn from others? How do you let go of control and foster new ideas? Can we practice learning by making?

We began by conducting a series of interviews with our clients, collaborators, friends, and each other. We asked about who we are, the future, what they hope design could bring, how The Public Society fits in, and their advice for successful collaborations. We enjoyed this process so much that we expanded the interviews at parks around the city with strangers, sharing with them the story of The Public Society, and where they hope to go in the future.

From there, we studied the results, and paid special attention to ideas that began to repeat. We flagged thoughts and visions that resonated with The Public Society team, and began to arrange pieces together to create a mission statement. The team is now taking this video as a big step in its transformation, as a beacon for where they're headed both internally and externally.


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