VergeNYC is a 2.5-day design event led and conceived by small team of graduate students, along with design and community partners. We bring together leading thinkers, field experts and change makers to galvanize a movement towards Transdisciplinary Design. Our aim is to create a space that is a nexus between academic exploration and professional application.


At VergeNYC, we are fascinated with big questions and bold topics. We discuss, debate, speculate, analyze and seek to act upon some of the most complex issues of our times. In our 2016 event, we look to elasticity as our theme and pose the question: what does an elastic future look like, and how might we design for it?

To us, elasticity is something that bends, but does not break. Taking the analogy of the rubber band, we think its worthwhile to discuss the merits and drawbacks of something that can stretch, absorb shock, and either return to its original form, or result in something new altogether. We are curious about how the concept of elasticity can be used to spark conversation about the role of design in our messy, complicated and intertwined world.

Together with our team, we gathered an advisory board of leaders from across the industry including the MoMA, Monocle, DESIS Lab, The Ministry of Manpower Singapore, MindLab Denmark, etc. With their guidance, we curated a 2.5 day event full of speakers, diverse attendees, partners, and sponsors. Our event happens in three parts: a morning lecture series, curated to explore facets of "elasticity", six 2-day conversation groups led by graduate students to dive deep within a specific topic, and evening events to cross-pollinate and socialize. We are proud to create a strong and generous network who co-create and support our event, allowing us to keep VergeNYC free and open to the public. 

At VergeNYC, you’ll find us mixing and matching. Combining voices from the public and private sector, featuring people from different backgrounds, including but definitely not limited to, design, urban planning, sustainability, music and performing arts, business and social innovation. Our goal is to create a space for transdisciplinary collaboration, because we wholeheartedly believe that this leads us towards a future that’s greater - much greater, than the sum of its parts.

Learn more about our event on our website, and we hope to see you next year!


Andrea Burgueño
Ankita Roy
Christian Smirnow
Winnie Chang
Jack Wilkinson
Melika Alipour
Elena Habre
Mashal Khan
Jooyeon Lee

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