Project Interzone is headed to Milan!

I am so honored and excited to be part of Milan Design Week 2016, as part of The Alternative, solutions for the social domain, hosted by Dutch magazine, Connecting the Dots, April 11-15:

More and more, designers are shifting their focus from the private to the public domain. Social and ecological issues are interpreted as design briefs from which alternative solutions are developed. Often in small steps that offer solutions to larger problems closer. The aim of the alternative is not only to provide a platform for alternative solutions, but also to present visitors with a world-view seen through the eyes of socially responsible designers.

Andrea Burngueño and I will be presenting our project, Interzone, at Ex Ansaldo in Zona Tortona. Come say hello!

Special thanks to our collaborators who are helping us with this exhibition: Ricardo Dutra, Alex Kahn, Ian Bliss, Akira Wong, and the Transdisciplinary Design family at Parsons.

Download our press release here, and help us spread the word.
To follow this project, find us at @PRJ_interzone #whattimeisit and